8.26.08 ~ L napping when I got home

It's been an interesting few days. We've been stressing about finding L day care for the week since her daycare center is closed this week for staff training. We thought we had someone all set up but it didn't work out. Yesterday, L spent half the day with Aunt Amy and Uncle Dung and today she spent it with a new sitter.

I applaud all those working parents who can balance home and work life. I think about all the days throughout this year that Dave and I will have to find alternate care service for L. We’ll need to have more then one sitter in line.

L starts full day care next Tuesday. We’ll all have to adjust to the new schedule. The last two days Amy and Jackie mentioned that they weren’t sure if they should have let L nap for 2 hours while they were watching her. L will need to figure out how to nap in the noisy daycare environment and I'll have to adjust to missing our afternoon naps.


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