2 Month Appointment

Bath time with Dad (L loves a calming bath) ~ 8.06.08

L goes in for her two month check tomorrow. It also means the dreaded 2 month shots. I'm not looking forward to it...I'm already anticipating the pain for L.

All weekend I've been thinking about what I can do to make L as comfortable as possible during her doctor's appointment. What should I dress L in...what outfit is easy to put on and remove? L's doctor's office is in Newton Wellesley Hospital which means there's a long walk to the office. Should I leave her in the car seat and take the stroller or knowing she may want comfort after the shot, should I put her in the Baby Bjorn? Should I feed her before or after the appointment? Maybe both? Feeding L before the appointment means she'll do well while the doctor examines her and feeding her after means comforting her after her shots. I'm probably over thinking it all.

While L is adored and thrives at daycare and sleeps well during the afternoon and bedtime seems easier. Sleep this weekend has been a struggle. L's tired at her usual bedtime (7pm), but seems to fuss...she wants us to hold her until she falls asleep (a bit clingy). After midnight L's been getting up every hour or hour and a half. I hope this phase will pass.

The many faces of L ~ 8.10.08


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