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L's New Trick

L woke up today ready to see the world. She began lifting herself up with her elbows. When I got home from work she was still trying to lift herself.

L on YouTube

L is now on YouTube. I'm starting to upload videos there under tnguyenhill. I'm not a big fan of my recorded voice but L seems to respond to it. Her dad knows I do not care to listen to my own voice. If I leave a message on our answering machine for him, he'll play the darn thing the moment I get home just to get a reaction out of me.

Here's the first uploaded's four minutes long. L gets really excited when the mobile is going.


8.26.08 ~ L napping when I got home

It's been an interesting few days. We've been stressing about finding L day care for the week since her daycare center is closed this week for staff training. We thought we had someone all set up but it didn't work out. Yesterday, L spent half the day with Aunt Amy and Uncle Dung and today she spent it with a new sitter.

I applaud all those working parents who can balance home and work life. I think about all the days throughout this year that Dave and I will have to find alternate care service for L. We’ll need to have more then one sitter in line.

L starts full day care next Tuesday. We’ll all have to adjust to the new schedule. The last two days Amy and Jackie mentioned that they weren’t sure if they should have let L nap for 2 hours while they were watching her. L will need to figure out how to nap in the noisy daycare environment and I'll have to adjust to missing our afternoon naps.

L's Baptism Continued...

There were so many special moments at L's baptism. It was a beautiful day and Deacon Darrel was wonderful. Some of my favorite moments (there are many):

L getting to spend time with her Ba Noi and Ba Ngoai.
L & her Godparents (Van can't deny she doesn't want children, not after this photo)
L receiving the sign of the cross and enjoying her bottle from her dad. I loved that everyone who wanted to sign the cross on L could.My nieces and nephews getting involved in the blessing of the water.

The Baptism

L's on my lap.
Photos taken by Jessie Marsters (photographer).

L's Baptism

L at her baptism ~ 8.16.08 (taken by photographer Jessie Marsters)

L was baptized on Saturday. It was a beautiful day. I'll post more photos and the day's events when I get the photos from the photographer...stay tuned.

Two Month Wellness

L & Dad after her bath ~ 8.12.08
L had her 2 month wellness appointment yesterday. She now weights 11 pounds and 9 ounces and is 23 inches. That's a gain of 2 lbs and 1 1/5 inches. L did so well in the doctor's office. She only cried for a brief moment after the shots. She was tired after appointment and slept for most of the day into the night. She did fuss in the afternoon so we cuddled with her a little longer at bedtime. L was so tired she slept 7 1/2 hours last night before waking up for a feeding.
L going to be one of those babies who drools and spits up a lot. Lately, we've noticed an alarming amount of spit up (cuddled milk, mucous, even clear water,) so we brought up all the symptoms that L's been experiencing and her doctor thinks it's acid reflux (GERD). She's now taking medication to help with the acid reflux and it seems to be working...she just drools now (so cute).
L drooling and ready for bed~ 8.12.08

2 Month Appointment

Bath time with Dad (L loves a calming bath) ~ 8.06.08

L goes in for her two month check tomorrow. It also means the dreaded 2 month shots. I'm not looking forward to it...I'm already anticipating the pain for L.
All weekend I've been thinking about what I can do to make L as comfortable as possible during her doctor's appointment. What should I dress L in...what outfit is easy to put on and remove? L's doctor's office is in Newton Wellesley Hospital which means there's a long walk to the office. Should I leave her in the car seat and take the stroller or knowing she may want comfort after the shot, should I put her in the Baby Bjorn? Should I feed her before or after the appointment? Maybe both? Feeding L before the appointment means she'll do well while the doctor examines her and feeding her after means comforting her after her shots. I'm probably over thinking it all.
While L is adored and thrives at daycare and sleeps well during the afternoon an…

Fighting Sleep

L fighting sleep ~ 8.06.08 (click on the picture to see a larger veiw)
L's been attending daycare for 4 days now and seems to be doing well. Her teaches have noticed that she fights sleep and is talking more to them each day. The teachers are picking up her likes and dislikes...she loves to cuddle, is very curious, loves to be swaddled except for her arms, she hates to be strapped into anything and she loves to eat (she ate 5 1/2 ounces of the milk I provided today and an additional 2 ounces of formula). I am amazed she ate 7 1/2 ounces in a 4 hour period.
I miss L when she's away for the four hours she's in daycare. I don't know how I will handle 9 hours a day in September.

First Day of Daycare

An exhausted L after daycare ~ 8.01.08

The first day of daycare went really well. L was "lots of smiles"and an "angel." My fear that my child was a high need baby has been put to rest (granted she still has her moments and is changing each day). As her daycare providers writes, "Lyla had a good first day. She ate well and gave us a lot of smiles. She had a hard time sleeping. It's going to take time to get use to the new noises. She is an angel." Once I got L home, she played in her crib while I put things away and was asleep 30 minutes after her feeding. L was exhausted. She normally will sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 each morning and this morning I had to get her up (what a trooper).
It seems overnight L is growing out of her new born clothes. I chuckle at the thought...Dave gave L a bath and changed her into a sleeper. I don't remember when I realized that the sleeper was too short but I asked Dave if he noticed when he was changing L. Dave made the…