What to do...

An exhausted L ~ 7.22.08

L's asleep right now and I don't know what to do with myself (would you ever imagine that happening). Daddy gave her a bath, a bottle, they chilled on the couch for a bit and then L was put down at 7:00pm and she fell right to asleep (yeah!). The last two nights has not been very fun. Last night she cried for a hour before falling asleep and then was up 3 hours later for 3 hours and slept for an hour or so and was up again for the rest of the morning. She was exhausted today. L would not even wake for a feeding which is not like her. She loves to cluster feed in the morning and late afternoon. I was beginning to think at one point that L was using me as a human pacifier, but not today. I had to undress her just to get her to wake up for a feeding. L even slept through my dentist appointment this morning (of course, I don't blame her).

Why is she crying so much...well, it has been warm so we moved her to our room and I got into the habit of bringing her to bed while I fed her at night these last two weeks. L got use to being close and cried when I tried to put her back in her bassinet. She was feeding all the time, one because I was there and the other may have been L going through a growth spurt. I'm amazed at how heavy she feels in my arms.

Hopefully starting tonight there will be many more nights of L going to bed without to much fussing.


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