What I've learned

Lyla TV ~ our neighbors get a great view

I've learned so much about myself and my family these last two months. L continues to change each day and Dave is an amazing dad. What I have a hard time doing he picks up. We're a team...a complete unit the three of us.

I read books and magazines on pregnancy and babies, but nothing could prepare me for child birth and motherhood. Most of what you envision goes right out the window. It was harder than I could imagine. It's true you forget the first few weeks once your baby gives you her first smile. At about five weeks or so I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, taking care of an infant is very draining, but for me it was the emotional roller coaster that was the hardest. I've learned to believe in myself and my instinct. I've learned it's okay to share your emotions with others and you'll probably laugh about later on with a girlfriend.

L starts daycare tomorrow. At first, I was going to work from home in the morning and have a nanny take care of L. L's daycare agreed to take her for half days in August so I decided to go into the office for the half the day. It will be a good transition for the both of us (for when I go back to work full time in September). I'll miss our morning walks and seeing the other moms and their babies in the neighborhood.


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