Six Weeks Old

Erin, L & Ben ~ 7.15.08

L is six weeks old today. I'm amazed by how much L has changed in those six weeks. L is beginning to discover the world around her. She will fight sleep just so she can explore her surrounding. It gets to the point where she's over-tired and I need to put her in the sling and walk around the neighborhood. We take multiple walks a day...once in the morning to get some exercise and some days a couple of more times just to get her to settle down.

We met with a nanny today (more of a Mother's Helper) for the month of August. I work part-time from home in August and need someone to take care of L for those hours. I'm hoping to have someone in the house four days a week for at least four hours a day. It will be good for the both of us (I hope).

Erin giving L kisses

We also had our neighbors over for a visit. Erin, age 5, has been asking to hold L since she was born so we arranged for Erin, Ben and Tracy to come visit after Erin got home for summer camp. Erin loves to rain kisses on L. Ben is about 2 1/2 weeks older then L and the neighbors are already setting them up...Anna from across the street says to Ben, "Ben, here's your girlfriend." I asked Ben if he really wanted a high maintenance girlfriend.
L & Ben


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