One Month Old

Dear Lyla,

You’re one month old today…one day before Independence Day! This is your first holiday and you are becoming more alert, curious and I think you are even beginning to smile. Today at your one month check up you weighted 8 pounds and 9 ounces and your height was 21.5 inches. You gained a pound and grew 1 ¼ inches in two weeks.

You are a “cuddly” baby. You love to be held and it doesn’t have to be just your dad and me. You are so trusting and will let anyone hold you. I enjoy watching you change every day. From the start, you never had any problems with nursing. We had to get you into a bedtime routine and in your bassinet. You still fight sleep it at times (your dad says your very stubborn), but now your beginning to sleep a 4-5 hour stretch and some nights you’ll even sleep for 6 hours.

Over the course of the month, you’ve become more comfortable with diaper changes and you love to relax in your tub. This week you started to respond to the bouncy seat. I can put you the seat, play one of your cds and take a shower. It’s all about the little steps.

Your dad and I love to hear all the various sounds that come out of you. Your dad will mimic you…whether it’s a whimper or one of your animal cries. We love your kitten sound the most. Your dad likes teasing you. I keep telling him “wait until she starts talking back.”

You are an absolute joy and we love you for all eternity and beyond.



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