L's morning perch while Mom showers (6.11.08)

L and I like to get out at least once a day. Today we took a long walk around the neighborhood in the sling and then we headed to the Natick Mall. We go to the mall to walk around at least twice a week. I'm always amazed by all the mommies and their strollers at this mall. If the mommies are like me they need to get out of the house which helps us from feeling isolated, to get some exercise and for some needed rest from holding our precious bundle.

Today's trip to the mall happens to be on the same day Apple releases their new Iphone. The line at the Apple store was crazy. L and I typically schedule our trips around L's feeding. Since we went for a walk early this morning our trip fell during her feeding. The new section of the Natick Mall has a lounge in the ladies room. This was the perfect place for L's feeding. To my surprise, two other moms came in while I was feeding and started feeding their babies. I rarely see Moms breastfeeding (I've heard a lot about it in the news), so it was refreshing to see the young Moms feeding their babies in public. These Moms were two of the many Moms waiting in line for the Iphone.


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