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What I've learned

Lyla TV ~ our neighbors get a great view

I've learned so much about myself and my family these last two months. L continues to change each day and Dave is an amazing dad. What I have a hard time doing he picks up. We're a team...a complete unit the three of us.
I read books and magazines on pregnancy and babies, but nothing could prepare me for child birth and motherhood. Most of what you envision goes right out the window. It was harder than I could imagine. It's true you forget the first few weeks once your baby gives you her first smile. At about five weeks or so I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, taking care of an infant is very draining, but for me it was the emotional roller coaster that was the hardest. I've learned to believe in myself and my instinct. I've learned it's okay to share your emotions with others and you'll probably laugh about later on with a girlfriend.
L starts daycare tomorrow. At first, I was going to work from ho…


All Smiles ~ 7.30.08

L's changing every day. She is more alert...looking at everything, following voices and faces. Her smile just melts your heart!

Your Birthday...We Celebrate

Ba Noi & L ~ 6.3.08

Happy Birthday Mom/Ba Noi...We celebrate your life and you for...
Your WARM Nature...
Your GENTLE Soul...
Your KIND Heart...
Your NURTURING Touch...

What to do...

An exhausted L ~ 7.22.08

L's asleep right now and I don't know what to do with myself (would you ever imagine that happening). Daddy gave her a bath, a bottle, they chilled on the couch for a bit and then L was put down at 7:00pm and she fell right to asleep (yeah!). The last two nights has not been very fun. Last night she cried for a hour before falling asleep and then was up 3 hours later for 3 hours and slept for an hour or so and was up again for the rest of the morning. She was exhausted today. L would not even wake for a feeding which is not like her. She loves to cluster feed in the morning and late afternoon. I was beginning to think at one point that L was using me as a human pacifier, but not today. I had to undress her just to get her to wake up for a feeding. L even slept through my dentist appointment this morning (of course, I don't blame her).
Why is she crying so much...well, it has been warm so we moved her to our room and I got into the habit of bringing …

Six Weeks Old

Erin, L & Ben ~ 7.15.08

L is six weeks old today. I'm amazed by how much L has changed in those six weeks. L is beginning to discover the world around her. She will fight sleep just so she can explore her surrounding. It gets to the point where she's over-tired and I need to put her in the sling and walk around the neighborhood. We take multiple walks a day...once in the morning to get some exercise and some days a couple of more times just to get her to settle down.
We met with a nanny today (more of a Mother's Helper) for the month of August. I work part-time from home in August and need someone to take care of L for those hours. I'm hoping to have someone in the house four days a week for at least four hours a day. It will be good for the both of us (I hope).

Erin giving L kisses

We also had our neighbors over for a visit. Erin, age 5, has been asking to hold L since she was born so we arranged for Erin, Ben and Tracy to come visit after Erin got home for summer c…


L's morning perch while Mom showers (6.11.08)
L and I like to get out at least once a day. Today we took a long walk around the neighborhood in the sling and then we headed to the Natick Mall. We go to the mall to walk around at least twice a week. I'm always amazed by all the mommies and their strollers at this mall. If the mommies are like me they need to get out of the house which helps us from feeling isolated, to get some exercise and for some needed rest from holding our precious bundle.

Today's trip to the mall happens to be on the same day Apple releases their new Iphone. The line at the Apple store was crazy. L and I typically schedule our trips around L's feeding. Since we went for a walk early this morning our trip fell during her feeding. The new section of the Natick Mall has a lounge in the ladies room. This was the perfect place for L's feeding. To my surprise, two other moms came in while I was feeding and started feeding their babies. I rarely see Mo…

The Things I'll Do

L ~ 5 weeks old (7.9.08)

I will do anything to have my hands free for a short period. Lately, it's waiting for L to fall asleep on her nursing pillow and then laying the pillow on any flat service (couch, floor or bed).
Today is also Van's birthday. Happy Birthday Aunt Van. Love, Lyla

One Month Old

Dear Lyla,

You’re one month old today…one day before Independence Day! This is your first holiday and you are becoming more alert, curious and I think you are even beginning to smile. Today at your one month check up you weighted 8 pounds and 9 ounces and your height was 21.5 inches. You gained a pound and grew 1 ¼ inches in two weeks.

You are a “cuddly” baby. You love to be held and it doesn’t have to be just your dad and me. You are so trusting and will let anyone hold you. I enjoy watching you change every day. From the start, you never had any problems with nursing. We had to get you into a bedtime routine and in your bassinet. You still fight sleep it at times (your dad says your very stubborn), but now your beginning to sleep a 4-5 hour stretch and some nights you’ll even sleep for 6 hours.

Over the course of the month, you’ve become more comfortable with diaper changes and you love to relax in your tub. This week you started to respond to the bouncy seat. I can put you the seat, p…

I Heart My Sling

L loves to be in the sling. The sling is great because I have both hands free to do some light chores, check my emails, start dinner and even write a short blog entry.