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The Other L

L at Ba & Ong Noi's House taken by Ba Noi

Last Friday, we went to Maine to visit Ba & Ong Noi and L did everything we would love her to do when she is at home. L is a child who loves to cuddle. Most days she is either on the couch with me or in her sling. On Friday, L didn't have a problem napping on their couch. I think she was showing off.
It was also the first night she slept for a six hour stretch...this one time only. It was wonderful, but I still had to go into her room to make sure she was okay (even thought I could see her in the monitor).


L and Dad's first bottle feeding

This is going to be a quick post...I can hear rumbling from L's car seat (the only place she'll fall asleep on her own during the day) which means she's ready for another feeding.
At L's last doctor's appointment, her pediatrician suggested we start to feed her breast milk from the bottle to get her used to it for when I head back to work. At first she would not take it so we waited a few minutes and tried it again. She took it like a champ. After she figured out it was milk, she drank it down quickly. I don't think she cared as long as it was food.


L's favorite sleeping position

For the last three mornings, we would wake up to find Lyla aka "L" curled up in a ball at the end of her bassinet. We've been trying to get L out of our bed and on a sleeping schedule. Last week it was easier to have her in our bed, but we knew we couldn't keep this up.

After L's two week check up (last Thursday), we decided it was time for her to sleep in her bassinet. The first night, we tried warming her bassinet with a heating pad before putting her in it. The heating pad worked for a few minutes but then she started to cry so I picked her up and she slept in our bed. On Friday, we tried the bassinet again. I put her in bed at 7PM. L cried off and on for an hour and a half (my heart was breaking hearing her). It was the battle of the wills. She finally fell a sleep, but was up at 11:30PM, 2:30AM, 4:30AM and 6:30AM for her feedings. After each feeding she cried and would not settle down. The second night was the har…

14 Days Old

Lyla is 14 days old today. I'm trying to write this as Lyla lays cradled in my arm. I put her down, but after a few minutes she starts to fuss. Lyla has had a busy day today and only wants to be held now. We ventured out to the library and mall after her bath. She did well. She napped which is much different then yesterday. We went to Babies R' Us yesterday and she cried the whole time we were there. I look at her now and can't imagine life without her. She is exactly what her Dad calls her, "Precious."

Day Four

Lyla 4 days old ~ 6.07.08

I could stare at her all day...even if all she does is nurse, sleep and fill her diapers.

The Newest Member...

Lyla Siena Hill
7 pounds 3 ounces
19.5 inches
Born Tuesday June 3, 2008 at 12:23 am and she keeps amazing us...