Week 35

Week 35

It’s week 35 with 34 days left…pretty amazing. The discussion around our house has been the changes that we should expect (most will say everything!). Deposits have been made for day care in September, we/(I) have narrowed down our pediatrician choice, we’ve signed up for the hospital tour (it’s next week) and my maternity leave plan has been put into motion. My co-worker and I spent the first two days of this week interviewing candidates to fill in for me while I am out for three months on leave.

Lately, I’ve noticed Dave staring at my stomach more often. Of course, I ask him, “What’s up?” He can’t believe how big my stomach has gotten and can’t imagine how I can get any bigger or carry a baby in my little body. We go back to our early day discussions of my pregnancy and the size of my belly…he was in awe then and now he’s even more so.


  1. SO very excited for you guys!!! It's getting close!


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