Almost There

It seems the babies are ready to come into the world. Our neighbors, Tracy & Andrew welcomed their son in the world last Friday. Ben weighted 10.1 lbs at birth. My co-worker Jean and her husband, Jeff welcomed their son into the world yesterday. Vincenzo was born two weeks early and weighted 8.5 lbs at birth.

I’m on week 37 and 20 days remain before my due date and I was shocked to hear what the doctor said today at my appointment. Over the weekend, I was that the mall walking around and felt like the baby was about to drop. I had been experiencing more contraction, but didn’t think much about it…thinking it was normal.

I was asking the doctor all the questions I had been mentally storing. I described to her what I have been feeling lately and she thought it would be best if she check my cervix. Well, come to find out I am now 3 cm dilated. I was shocked to hear the news and that I could deliver a couple of weeks early. Dave mentioned this past weekend that I should probably pack my hospital bag (I didn’t)...he actually was paying attention during the child birthing class.

Could I have known that something was happening soon? I spent part of the weekend pulling together my call list, notify list, birth plan and filling out the forms for the hospital. The only thing I didn't do was pack my bags. Tonight I started packing my bags and feeling like I have so much more to do. Are we ever prepared?!?


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