+ 1 CM

the crew installing a new roof

I had my weekly doctor's appointment today. We're slowly progressing...1 more centimeter (up to 4 now). I’m hoping it’s this weekend not because I am uncomfortable but just anxious. The doctor said if she had to make a guess it would be a day or two.

Last week, when I got the news I was 3 cm dilated; I was hoping the baby would come that weekend. The baby was not ready. I tried to relax most of the weekend, but who can relax when you get calls from Tel Aviv asking for reports and there’s a work crew at the house. Our neighbor’s comments are, “New baby, new roof. Life’s good.” I can’t disagree.

As I was heading to the doctor’s office, waiting for an elevator. This sweet old woman says to me, “It’s almost time.” I said, “Yes.” She then says, “It will change your life for the better.” Then another woman chimes in, “until they are teenagers.” I’m thinking I’ll handle the teenage thing when it comes. Right now, I just want to deliver a healthy baby.

My postings have slowed down due to the lack of time. I’ll try to keep everyone posted as often as I can.


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