Today Marks 8 Weeks

Week 31 - 8 weeks left

It's been a while since I posted a belly shot so I took some photo this morning. Yes, I was late for work (I was in no rush to get there). 8 weeks left and of today (hooray!). I had my doctor's appointment earlier in the week and we're both doing well. We'll go to the doctor's every two weeks from this point forward. The baby's kicking has gotten stronger and I get more, "Good Lord" comments. I think it's hilarious when I hear the words...more at work then anywhere else. There's one person who says it every time I see him. I had to comment to him this week that he says that every time he sees me. His response, “it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen you”.

The Tea Collection items that I ordered came in last night. I am thrilled with them. It’s a treat to see an online order come to the door delicately package. I just melted removing the items from the box. The material is so soft and well made and could not be any cuter. They’ll be a stop I make in the future when we know if it’s a boy or a girl.


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