Surprises, Surprises

week 33

I had my doctor's appointment today and everything is on schedule. I've been experienced a lot of pressure on my upper right side lately and was pleasantly surprised to hear that it's the baby's butt pushing upwards. Having to wait 45 minutes to see the doctor was not so great, but once I found out the answer to my nagging question nothing else mattered. I asked the doctor what the pressure was on my right side. As the doctor puts it, "if you are feeling a round ball pushing up on this side (her hands are circling my right side) that's the baby's butt pushing and is probably contractions. It's all normal at this stage in your pregnancy. If it's happens 5-10 times a day, give us a call." It was good to hear. Now I can visualize and feel the various parts of the baby.

To my utter (other) surprise...I came home to a package from a friend/co-worker on the West Coast (thank you Scott!). I never thought I would be one to enjoy surprises as much as I have lately. I am so lucky and thankful to have such support around me.


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