Six Degrees of Separation

A critter ate our tulip ~ this morning ~ 04.17.08

While most think there are 6 degrees of separation between people, I think there are 6 degrees of separation between my thoughts. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in the Boston area (up to 70 degrees, yeah!). I decided it would be a good day to pull out the sandals, but first my toe nails needed some nail polish (bright and early). I think about getting a pedicure which made me think about how Dave “ratted” me out to my old hairdresser this weekend.

I would like to think it was innocently (?) done because Dave said that he kept digging himself into a bigger hole. I used to go to this wonderful hairdresser in Boston before she moved back to her native country. Jennyffer is one of the nicest people you will meet. She has a sunny disposition and I felt great every time I left the hair salon. But, I had to find another hair dresser and decided to try someone closer to home.

I found a new shop in town opened by a couple of friends from CA. After the first few hair cuts I had to find another hairdresser. My definition of an inch was different than the dresser's definition. Well, Dave started going to her off and on for his cuts. He went to her salon this weekend for a cut before his trip next week. He comes home and says, “You’re in trouble.” He proceeds to tell me the story and I am horrified by what he is telling me (I’m thinking I hope I never run into her around town).

So here it goes…The hair dresser asked Dave if this was his first time to the salon.

Dave: No, I’ve been here three times.
H.D: Oh.
Dave: My wife used to come here.
H.D: What’s her name?
Dave: Thuy.
H.D: Yes, she hasn’t been here in a while. Does she go into Boston for her hair cuts?
Dave: No.
H.D: Her hair must be really long.
Dave: No, it’s actually short now.

Dave says to me, “Oh yeah, she remembers you. She probably wasn’t expecting you to be married to a white guy.” I told him it’s probably because she and I are both Vietnamese. He’s laughing at me after he finished the story and says, “You have to either start going back to her or never go back again.” Of course, I can’t go back her now!


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