Dear Baby

Me ~ 04.26.08 taken by Mom Hill


Dear Baby,

I had intended on writing you this letter as we got closer to your due date. I hadn’t thought about what I would write but knew I wanted to write you a letter. I was in your nursery tonight and this letter came to me. Your Dad and I are looking forward to meeting you. We’re not the only ones eager for your arrival. You will be surround by you’re great grandmother (Mimi), two grandmothers and a grandfather, 16 aunts and uncles and 21 cousins. This doesn’t include all your amazing great aunts, great uncles and second and third cousins. You’ll be around loving, supportive, trustworthy, dedicated, brilliant, witty and funny people.

Your Ba Noi (one of the many ways you can call your grandmother Hill…we’ll figure that one out when you start to recognize the familiar faces or you start talking) and your Auntie Van threw us a shower this weekend (Saturday – 04.26.08). I was touched by all the people who came to the shower and those who could not be there but sent us their best wishes. A majority of the family at the shower traveled long distances to be there to support us. This is one of the things you’ll come to appreciate about your family. They will be there for you when you need them.

The shower was held at the inn where your Dad and I had our wedding rehearsal almost four years ago. The day of the shower was a sunny but breezy day…an absolutely beautiful Maine day. You could smell the fresh salt air from Goose Rocks Beach as you neared the inn. We’ll be visiting Maine often since both of your grandmothers (Ba Noi and Ba Ngoai) and grandfather (Ong Noi) live up there (your Dad will try to slip in the Spanish word for grandmother and grandfather as well I'm sure). Your Dad and I grew up in Maine only 20 minutes apart but didn’t meet until college. You’ll hear our story later on.

For now, we want you to know that we love you and we’ll do our best to raise you. I’m sure you’ll have a little of your Dad and my personality and you’ll reveal to us your true character as time passes. You can be the person you want to be. We’ll watch and guide you if you may get stuck. We just want you safe. You’ll be here in roughly 44 days and we can hardly wait.

Much Love,


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