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Dear Baby

Me ~ 04.26.08 taken by Mom Hill


Dear Baby,I had intended on writing you this letter as we got closer to your due date. I hadn’t thought about what I would write but knew I wanted to write you a letter. I was in your nursery tonight and this letter came to me. Your Dad and I are looking forward to meeting you. We’re not the only ones eager for your arrival. You will be surround by you’re great grandmother (Mimi), two grandmothers and a grandfather, 16 aunts and uncles and 21 cousins. This doesn’t include all your amazing great aunts, great uncles and second and third cousins. You’ll be around loving, supportive, trustworthy, dedicated, brilliant, witty and funny people.

Your Ba Noi (one of the many ways you can call your grandmother Hill…we’ll figure that one out when you start to recognize the familiar faces or you start talking) and your Auntie Van threw us a shower this weekend (Saturday – 04.26.08). I was touched by all the people who came to the shower and those who…

Surprises, Surprises

week 33
I had my doctor's appointment today and everything is on schedule. I've been experienced a lot of pressure on my upper right side lately and was pleasantly surprised to hear that it's the baby's butt pushing upwards. Having to wait 45 minutes to see the doctor was not so great, but once I found out the answer to my nagging question nothing else mattered. I asked the doctor what the pressure was on my right side. As the doctor puts it, "if you are feeling a round ball pushing up on this side (her hands are circling my right side) that's the baby's butt pushing and is probably contractions. It's all normal at this stage in your pregnancy. If it's happens 5-10 times a day, give us a call." It was good to hear. Now I can visualize and feel the various parts of the baby.
To my utter (other) surprise...I came home to a package from a friend/co-worker on the West Coast (thank you Scott!). I never thought I would be one to enjoy surprises as muc…

Six Degrees of Separation

A critter ate our tulip ~ this morning ~ 04.17.08
While most think there are 6 degrees of separation between people, I think there are 6 degrees of separation between my thoughts. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day in the Boston area (up to 70 degrees, yeah!). I decided it would be a good day to pull out the sandals, but first my toe nails needed some nail polish (bright and early). I think about getting a pedicure which made me think about how Dave “ratted” me out to my old hairdresser this weekend.
I would like to think it was innocently (?) done because Dave said that he kept digging himself into a bigger hole. I used to go to this wonderful hairdresser in Boston before she moved back to her native country. Jennyffer is one of the nicest people you will meet. She has a sunny disposition and I felt great every time I left the hair salon. But, I had to find another hair dresser and decided to try someone closer to home.

I found a new shop in town opened by a couple of friends from CA. …

Out & About

Week 27
I debated sharing this photo of my belly (too much skin showing), but decided it would be nice to share. I didn’t realize it was on my flash card until last week when I downloaded my 31 week belly photo. The picture came out surprising well but I have no idea what functions I used on the camera to get the shot (still getting use to my Christmas gift from Dave).

Yesterday was a beautiful day, all the neighbors where out and about. Lisa around the corner was out walking as I was getting out of the car and stopped to chat. She hadn’t seen me close up since last fall and commented on how we’ve been busy this winter. Then our neighbors from across the street came over. Our neighbor who lives diagonally across from us is expecting their second child 3 weeks prior to our delivery. Of course, John, one of the other neighbors started with the let’s compare belly jokes, that people better make sure that they pass this street, don’t drink the water, etc. It was nice to catch up wi…

Today Marks 8 Weeks

Week 31 - 8 weeks left
It's been a while since I posted a belly shot so I took some photo this morning. Yes, I was late for work (I was in no rush to get there). 8 weeks left and of today (hooray!). I had my doctor's appointment earlier in the week and we're both doing well. We'll go to the doctor's every two weeks from this point forward. The baby's kicking has gotten stronger and I get more, "Good Lord" comments. I think it's hilarious when I hear the words...more at work then anywhere else. There's one person who says it every time I see him. I had to comment to him this week that he says that every time he sees me. His response, “it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen you”. TheTea Collection items that I ordered came in last night. I am thrilled with them. It’s a treat to see an online order come to the door delicately package. I just melted removing the items from the box. The material is so soft and well made and could not be …

Tea Anyone?

It's been busy at the “Other Side” as you might have noticed with the limited postings. Between nesting, our daycare search and work I’ve not had as much time to sit and post as I would like. There are a few posts in draft mode right now that I’ll revisit later.

I took some time today (between my quarter end close tasks) to finally view the Tea Collection. As many of you already know Dave and I decided not to find out the baby’s sex so shopping for neutral color clothing takes a little more time. I did find some things that I fell in love and had to purchase. A lot of the clothes are either pink or blue but I did find some white items and sheets that I purchased.