"and if i could i would go here…" ~ pia jane bijkerk

Image from L'Internaute by Jacques Derosier

I typically do not write about politics or what is happening in the world outside of my own, but I had to comment/share the link to this inspiring blog post. I love the fact that my Google Reader provides me with a consolidation of all the blogs I enjoy reading each day. In the past week I’ve notice a trend of bloggers writing about Tibet. I read the entries and filed it away. This one came across and it was one I couldn’t just read and file. I had to share…it’s about the blogger’s passion and love for a friend and his country. It’s the words that are inspiring...you read the entry and you see the sights, sounds, colors and the depth of emotion. I hope you get as much out of it as I did reading it. I even had to read again and again…Pia Jane Bijkerk - and if i could i would go here


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