New Homeowners - Congratulations

Our Tree ~ January 14, 2008 Storm

Congratulations to Van and Tuan on buying their first home. I was on MySpace this morning and saw her status and could tell she was very excited about her new home.

"v@n and Tuan are officially homeowners!! "

Their excitement brings back memories of Dave and me buying our first home. The day we moved in must have been the hottest day of the summer. It was so hot and humid our clothes clung to us. Mom and Dad Hill comes down from Maine to help us move. Thanh came over (of course, being the worst person in world with directions, he got lost) and Van drove up from New Jersey the day before. We had the truck emptied by mid-day which it would have taken us most of the day if we didn't have all the help.

Dave and I are lucky that we have people always willing to help us out when we need it. We'll probably need everyone's help when the baby is born. It will take a village and perhaps more.


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