Crafts and More

wicker basket covering before & after, mobile and handprint wall hanging

We're finally going to finish the nursery today (the phase prior to decorating). We have the whole day off so we'll try to tackle the curtain rods, the closet shelving and replacing the old outlets.

My sewing machine has been busy at work as well. I started sewing and quilting again. It's been a while since I made a quilt so I started with something simple...what I thought was simple. The corner and binding got the best of me. It took me longer than I thought to pull the handprint wall hanging together (Becca, Megan & Matt for Dung and Amy).

It nice to get back into crafting, last weekend I pulled the mobile together and sewed a cover for a wicker box for the nursery (toy box). It turned out better than I thought it would but I should have taken the time to plan it a little better. I had the plan outlined in my head but I didn't put it on paper or take the proper measurements like I should have. It's not finished yet because I'm debating whether I want to sew it all together for a tight snug fit or leaving the back with an opening so I can remove it when I want to throw it in the wash.


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