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Spring and Suburban Life

Thoughts of summer fun- Dylan & Tyler July 2007

I keep thinking that today is the last day of February but then remember it’s a Leap Year. Spring is fast approaching and I love seeing and hearing Mother Nature’s changes. We woke up the other day to the sounds of birds chirping and a brighter/earlier sunrise. The days are getting longer and I love coming home from work with some day light still remaining. Even the 28 degree temperature this morning didn’t seem that cold…I know it’s all in my head. I’m sure for those in Maine reading this, the amount of snow they’ve received this year does not give them the warm feeling that spring is around the corner.

I’m looking forward to seeing the tulip start to creep through the soil, the buds on the apple tree start to sprout, the smell of rain and grass and hearing the children in the neighborhood playing in their yards or riding their bikes up and down the street. I like the fact that we’re in a neighborhood where your neighbors are always o…

Almost There

It was a busy weekend for us. Saturday was truly a treat for me...Dave didn't have to work so we spent all day together. My weekend started on Thursday evening as you may have read in my previous post and Dave's started Friday around noon. His company sent everyone home due to the snow. I came home after my exhausting dresser/changing table combo hunt to find that he had installed the closet shelving unit.

Saturday started with pancakes and ended with pizza (not too healthy). It was nice not to cook (except for the pancakes). We typically do not eat out.

Our Saturday:
We shoveled the drive way (more Dave than myself)Went into Boston for the Travel Show (Dave's always planning his next trip)Had lunch at Firefly’sWent to the Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot to check out a dresser I had picked outWent to Jordan's Furniture and purchased the crib and dresser/changing table combo being delivered on Wednesday...Yeah!Ran to Lowe's to get a rug protector, cord hider a…

Week 24 ~ Baby Registry

Self Portrait~ 24 weeks

It's week 24 of my pregnancy and everything is going well. I have more energy than I had in the past. Last week, I started to feel the baby move and at times could feel bumps from the baby against my belly.

Dave and I finally created our registry at Babies"R"Us. This was not an experience that was fun. The "helpful" list made everything more overwhelming. As first time parents you have no idea what you truly need and the list just confused the situation even more. Babies"R"Us was loaded with customers and very few helpful staff. This led to Dave’s comment, “this place must make a killing." After a couple of hours we called it a night. The good thing was that we could go on-line and revise the registry later.

You would think that a person with 18 nieces and nephews on the Nguyen side and 2 on the Hill side would have the experience to deal with a baby's needs, but it's a totally different ball game when it's your…

Crafts and More

wicker basket covering before & after, mobile and handprint wall hanging

We're finally going to finish the nursery today (the phase prior to decorating). We have the whole day off so we'll try to tackle the curtain rods, the closet shelving and replacing the old outlets.

My sewing machine has been busy at work as well. I started sewing and quilting again. It's been a while since I made a quilt so I started with something simple...what I thought was simple. The corner and binding got the best of me. It took me longer than I thought to pull the handprint wall hanging together (Becca, Megan & Matt for Dung and Amy).

It nice to get back into crafting, last weekend I pulled the mobile together and sewed a cover for a wicker box for the nursery (toy box). It turned out better than I thought it would but I should have taken the time to plan it a little better. I had the plan outlined in my head but I didn't put it on paper or take the proper measurements like I should h…

Thank You

Dash and Albert Tattersall Aqua/Green Cotton Woven

The rug for the nursery arrived today...THANK YOU MOM AND DAD HILL. What a wonderful and generous gift. It goes so well with the wall color. I can't wait to roll out the rug.

I stumbled upon the rug because I had gone up to the nursery to look for a tool.

Me: "OMG, the rug arrived?! Dave, why didn't you tell me it was here?"

Maybe Dave was more excited about the flowers and card we got me for Valentines Day? I can only smile when I think about it. OXOXO

Love, T&P

Love T&P

Wouldn't it be nice to receive this every day...who needs a Valentines when you can get a love note such as this one. Yesterday brought a mix of weather to Framingham. It went from snow to ice to rain. It was nice to come home to package full of love (somewhat weather beaten). Thank you Taylor and Paige.Happy Valentines Day Everyone!


Spanish Blocks Top Left
Design Mom featured these alphabet blocks in her blog today. I was thinking about these the other day (I first saw them in FitPregnancy - a wonderful magazine I wish came out more than 6 times a year). I asked Dave if Mom Hill still had his baby blocks…his response, “No”. I thought of Dave when I saw the Spanish blocks, top left (how cute!). Dave’s been refreshing on the Spanish he knows and also trying to learn some new words. He’s getting ready for his trip back to Costa Rica in April. He’ll need the R&R because a month later he’ll have not rest.

Approaching Week 22

This is over due since I will be on week 22 of my pregnancy tomorrow. Here's a picture of my ever growing belly at 20 weeks. It seems as though it's growing every day and as the days past I grow even more attached to the baby. Yesterday, I woke up feeling like something wasn't right and had to call the answering service to get a nurse to call me back (can you say freak out!). The nurse talked me through it (as if someone was being talked off a ledge) but it left me worried for the rest of the day. We'll just keep an eye on it for now and I go in for my monthly appointment next Monday which makes me feel better.

Our plan is to finish hanging the shades on the windows, hanging the new overhead lamp, switching out the outlets and putting up new shelving in the closet this weekend (the hard part will be getting Dave to find the time to help me with all this). Once that is done, we'll start on the fun stuff. This also means getting the rest of the house back in order as …

New Homeowners - Congratulations

Our Tree ~ January 14, 2008 Storm

Congratulations to Van and Tuan on buying their first home. I was on MySpace this morning and saw her status and could tell she was very excited about her new home.

"v@n and Tuan are officially homeowners!!"

Their excitement brings back memories of Dave and me buying our first home. The day we moved in must have been the hottest day of the summer. It was so hot and humid our clothes clung to us. Mom and Dad Hill comes down from Maine to help us move. Thanh came over (of course, being the worst person in world with directions, he got lost) and Van drove up from New Jersey the day before. We had the truck emptied by mid-day which it would have taken us most of the day if we didn't have all the help.

Dave and I are lucky that we have people always willing to help us out when we need it. We'll probably need everyone's help when the baby is born. It will take a village and perhaps more.