What Weekend

Dave staying in the lines

We've got about 90% of the nursery painted today. There's only the trim and the doors to finish. Dave spent Friday plastering and sanding the walls. We primed the room yesterday and spent today painting the ceiling and closet white and the rest of the room "sailboat blue. "

In between each blue paint application, I watched Dave consume more food than a normal person does in two days (one chocolate cake was eaten within a 24 hour period), cleaned the kitchen, prepped the meals for the week, made a run to the library for my usual weekly exchanges (which included picking up some Spanish CD-Roms for Dave) and went to Wholefoods.

Maybe next weekend we can start decluttering the guest room and downstairs so our house is back it's normal organized self. I'll need to make a run to some of my favorite home stores...


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