Midway ~ 20 weeks

Baby at week 20

It's been a busy baby day...full of appointments and baby news. We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning followed by our monthly appointment. The baby is breached but is "moving quite a bit" (quoting the OB/GYN). There's plenty of time for s/he to turn. Preliminary results from the ultrasound show the baby is developing normally and we're healthy. I've gained 3 pounds since last month.

My second trimester screening results came back this afternoon as well. I received a call from Maternal Fetal Medicine at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and we've tested negative for the three chromosomal abnormalities they tested (neural tube defects, Down syndrome and trisomy 18). There's a 1 in 3,800 chance the baby has down syndrome, a number that is quite good when I asked.

We've passed most of the big screening test up to this point. In three weeks we go in for our routine appointment and in 8 weeks I'll have the test to determine if I have gestational diabetes. We're at the midway point and we're looking forward to the next 20 weeks.


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