I've been thinking about the baby’s nursery lately. If Dave had it his way, he would move the bureau out of our bedroom and put a cradle there in its place (forever). He thought he could work on it the week the baby arrives (don’t worry; I’ve put a stop to that thought). He’s come up with a new plan to find time to start on the room.

Anthropologie is now carrying prints I love by San Francisco illustrator Lorena Siminovich. I came across her art this summer in a magazine and was so surprised to find it hanging in the store this past month. I had to have a few for the nursery. I started to research how much it cost and found it was totally out of my price range. What happened next?

With three art canvases, some paint, my scrap booking paper, some magazines, fabric scraps and my trusty scissors I set out to replicate the art for the nursery. The living room floor was a mess by the time I was done with my project, but the art turned out just as I wanted...beautiful. I had to share it…


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