Another Nursery Post

FitPregnancy Aug/Sept 2007 issue

Sorry, it's another nursery post. I have other things to share but my mind and heart is everything "baby" these days (perhaps a first time mom obsession). I had to post a picture of the nursery that I absolutely love and using as my jumping off point for the baby's room (found in Fit Pregnancy magazine and designed by the MiGi girls).

The colors are beautiful and the design can be interchanged between the sexes. There are some design elements that I will change since our nursery is bigger than the one in the room. You may recognize the wall art from one of my previous post. I’ve also been eyeing one of the wall decals from Blik or Dvider (Blik will be my first consideration) and may even make one of Vilija Marshall's wall hanging.

I have so many projects worked out in my head that my hands will be busy for a while...


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