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Another Nursery Post

FitPregnancy Aug/Sept 2007 issue

Sorry, it's another nursery post. I have other things to share but my mind and heart is everything "baby" these days (perhaps a first time mom obsession). I had to post a picture of the nursery that I absolutely love and using as my jumping off point for the baby's room (found in Fit Pregnancy magazine and designed by the MiGi girls).
The colors are beautiful and the design can be interchanged between the sexes. There are some design elements that I will change since our nursery is bigger than the one in the room. You may recognize the wall art from one of my previous post. I’ve also been eyeing one of the wall decals from Blik orDvider (Blik will be my first consideration) and may even make one of Vilija Marshall'swall hanging.
I have so many projects worked out in my head that my hands will be busy for a while...

Dwell + Target = Heart

Target is now carrying DwellStudio. I heart Dwell and have envision many of their items in the nursery. I'll need to make a run to Target during lunch today.

My list of things to check out while I'm there:
Wall decals {the colors are amazing} Stripe green rug {perfect!, I've been on the look out for a green/tan polka dot or stripe rugPolka dot lamp - zoo {just to look, if I go with the strip rug, a polka dot lamp may be cuter. I am picturing multi-color stripes}Circles bedding collectionClothing Pillows and more pillowsOne stop shopping, what more does a person need...

What Weekend

Dave staying in the lines

We've got about 90% of the nursery painted today. There's only the trim and the doors to finish. Dave spent Friday plastering and sanding the walls. We primed the room yesterday and spent today painting the ceiling and closet white and the rest of the room "sailboat blue. "

In between each blue paint application, I watched Dave consume more food than a normal person does in two days (one chocolate cake was eaten within a 24 hour period), cleaned the kitchen, prepped the meals for the week, made a run to the library for my usual weekly exchanges (which included picking up some Spanish CD-Roms for Dave) and went to Wholefoods.
Maybe next weekend we can start decluttering the guest room and downstairs so our house is back it's normal organized self. I'll need to make a run to some of my favorite home stores...

Midway ~ 20 weeks

Baby at week 20

It's been a busy baby day...full of appointments and baby news. We had our 20 week ultrasound this morning followed by our monthly appointment. The baby is breached but is "moving quite a bit" (quoting the OB/GYN). There's plenty of time for s/he to turn. Preliminary results from the ultrasound show the baby is developing normally and we're healthy. I've gained 3 pounds since last month.

My second trimester screening results came back this afternoon as well. I received a call from Maternal Fetal Medicine at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and we've tested negative for the three chromosomal abnormalities they tested (neural tube defects, Down syndrome and trisomy 18). There's a 1 in 3,800 chance the baby has down syndrome, a number that is quite good when I asked.

We've passed most of the big screening test up to this point. In three weeks we go in for our routine appointment and in 8 weeks I'll have the test to determine if I have gesta…

Sailboat Blue

Valspar Sailboat Blue

We picked out the paint color for the baby's nursery on Saturday, "Sailboat Blue". We're going with a blue, green and tan color scheme for the nursery. The prepping of the room began on Saturday after we picked out the paint. Dave sanded the walls and is taking Friday off to patch the walls and just maybe the room will be painted by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed).

We also have our 20 week (mid-point in our pregnancy) ultrasound this week. We can choose to find out the sex of the baby, but have decided not too. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, it's more me than Dave. I think he wants to find out, but since I don't, he's going along with it.

I haven’t felt the baby kick yet, but am experiencing some of the other symptoms. I was finally able to get my recommended flu shot on Saturday. We’re also narrowing the baby’s name to a few that we both agree on. We haven’t finalized the names (a boy and a girl) but have some good …


Hoang and Me ~ April 1984

Yesterday was spent cleaning and organizing the office to start on the nursery. We'll just paint for now, but for us it's a major step. I came across some old photos and had to post the one of Hoang and me. Hoang was 3 years old and I was 9.

The "Un-Nest" Period

Punta Cana ~ May 2007

Last night I was exchanging IM's with a friend about what had been happening in our lives. Alison and I seemed to have been on the same path in lives up until my pregnancy. It was strange....we both married wonderful men in the same month and the following year we both bought a home within months of one another. It was nice to have someone to chat with about the experiences we were going through in our married and home life along with our love for travel.

Alison calls the current period in her life the "un-nest" period and I thought wow...I'm in my "nesting" period. Our lives have now diverged which make me think about the Robert Frost poem "The Road Not Taken".

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth.

My journey is now taking me toward motherhood, a path I am looking forward too. Perhaps now I ca…


I've been thinking about the baby’s nursery lately. If Dave had it his way, he would move the bureau out of our bedroom and put a cradle there in its place (forever). He thought he could work on it the week the baby arrives (don’t worry; I’ve put a stop to that thought). He’s come up with a new plan to find time to start on the room.

Anthropologie is now carrying prints I love by San Francisco illustrator Lorena Siminovich. I came across her art this summer in a magazine and was so surprised to find it hanging in the store this past month. I had to have a few for the nursery. I started to research how much it cost and found it was totally out of my price range. What happened next?

With three art canvases, some paint, my scrap booking paper, some magazines, fabric scraps and my trusty scissors I set out to replicate the art for the nursery. The living room floor was a mess by the time I was done with my project, but the art turned out just as I wanted...beautiful. I had to share it…

More Goodies

I am finding that I enjoy/want fruit (mainly citrus) more since becoming pregnant. During the first three months, fruit was the only thing I wanted or could stomach. It was enough to fill me, which is probably why I had only gained a pound in a month (since my last doctor's appointment).
Walking through the grocery store, all the fruits looked so good...I had to make a fruit salad. It may not be summer but the summer fruits are still scrumptious. They have their full summer flavors and smells.
Sunday was a day full of prepping and cooking. Now that I have almost 100% of my energy back, I had to get back into my Sunday routine. I finally made it back to the library (used to be a weekly run) to borrow a few books on tape and as I cleaned the veggies and fruit, made the beautiful fruit salad, brined the pork, prepared a meatloaf, marinated the chicken, made Dave lunch and bake a batch of white chocolate chip cookies I listened to some great music and one of the books on the tape.

Comfort Food ~ Pho

comfort food and dinner

I am making my first "pho" as I write this blog. I can smell it's wonderful aromas that filling the house (probably from the star anise). Pho (beef noodle soup) is a traditional Vietnamese recipe which was a staple in our house growing up. I've watched my mother make it hundreds of times but have never attempted it myself. Whenever Dave and I want some Vietnamese comfort food we would make a run into China Town and get a bowl. Dave's so busy these days I figured I should attempt to make my own from my memories.

I knew that ingredients I needed so I picked up what I could at Sudbury Farms aka Roch Brothers and thought I could pick up the remaining ingredients at the local Asian market. They didn't what I needed so I ran to Whole Foods for the rest. Of course, as I'm preparing the Pho, I also have to make dinner for Dave. The pho would not be done in time for dinner...steak tips for dinner. has a recipe that is much…

Good Bye 2007, Hello 2008

Self Portrait at 16 weeks~ 12.27.07

2007 was a year of many emotions...some so hard at times I don't know how I got passed it and others that was felt only by me, the emotions of the unexpected and joyous.

I lost an amazing friend and sister in 2007. I continue to think about Hoang every day. She’s out there surrounded by beauty floating on a cloud and looking down on us.

2008 brings a new additional to our happy little (yet large) family. I look forward to welcoming new life and giving our child the love and support we have been given.

Here’s to an unexpected and wonderful year ahead…peace to ALL. Happy 2008.