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Saturday Shoes

My Saturday shoes came with two perfectly matching socks.
Christmas was wonderful. My favorite gift was my Saturday shoes, sock and poem from Mom and Dad Hill. The thought that went into the gift is incredible. I'm sharing with you the poem (hopefully, Mom Hill does not mind).

Saturday Shoes

Saturday shoes
are truly the best.
They keep you going
when there's no time to rest.

Saturday socks
are soft and bright.
They cradle your feet,
make them feel so light.

So Saturday chores
are done in a flash.
And you have a chance
for rest at last.

Saturday night
the work is complete.
You've probably accomplished
an impossible feat.

Thanks to your Saturday shoes and socks!

Merry Christmas Mimi

12.25.08 ~ L & Mimi, Augusta

Merry Christmas Mimi! I had a wonderful day with you.

Holiday Sing-Along

12.23.08 ~ CrossRoads, Framingham

Daycare had a holiday sing-along today before the holiday break. I attended the sing-along and then dropped L at home with Dave for the afternoon. Here are some photos from today. Yes, L is looking a bit tired. She's been waking up at 4AM and didn't have her morning nap today.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

First Snow

12.21.08 ~ L, Framingham

L's first major snow event called for a stroll in the neighborhood. We had a blast.

Squeaky Clean

12.15.08 ~ Framingham

There's a stomach bug going around day care and L has had since Friday. Day care called today so I had to go pick her up which means she has to stay home for 24 hours (day care policy). Her pediatrician thinks it at the tail end. L has a lost a little weight since her appointment on the 1st but nothing that alarms her doctor. Also, L continues to play and does not seem dehydrated so we were sent home with recommendations of trying Pedialyte and FlorastorKids. I couldn’t get either into L. She refuses to eat solids or drink out of a bottle.

Our washing machine has not stopped running since Friday and all of L’s clothes has yellow staining all along the back. It seems that every time I turned away L had pooped...she's squeaky clean though as is my couch after it received a good wash with bleach. On top of all this, I think L's teething. I can see something starting to come through.


This one is for L's Godparents. Disclaimer, watching this video may result in the need to squeeze those chubby cheeks, may cause motion sickness and in L's Godmother's case, the urge to cut the tag off.


12.10.08 - Framingham

It’s been two years since I had an eye exam. I went to see my optometrist yesterday since my eye sight seems to be getting worse since I’ve had L. Myth or not...who knows. It could be true or my eyes are blurry from the lack of sleep. In any case, I was glad I went. Dr. A told me about a program he participates in called InfantSee. Infants between the ages of 6 and 12 months can receive a free comprehensive eye exam to detect potential eye and vision problems. I’m spreading the word to all those new mothers (there are many, Congratulations to All) out there who may want to have their baby’s eyes check. There’s information on this program at Infantsee or the American Optometric Association (AOA).


12.06.08 ~ L, Framingham

This morning L was patiently waiting for me to get our things together for daycare and work which was a big departure from yesterday. L seems to be doing well sleeping through the night. This morning she woke up from an almost 12 hour sleep to a dark room. If she could talk, she would say, I do not like dark rooms. I could hear her fuss and once she realized where she was started her normal morning routine…babbling to herself, staring at her hands and looking up at her mobile. Once downstairs a cloth keep her busy while I got ready for work.

Yesterday was a different story. Dave came down stairs with L in tow just as I got out of the shower…apparently L had been crying. I nursed L where she proceed to tear my outfit apart (the collar of the shirt had a bow) and every time her Dad entered the room, she would pull away from nursing and look at him. I tried to get her to focus…that didn’t work. So, we moved on to the next thing, solids. She started to eat and 5 mi…

Sleep Over Food?

12.07.08 ~ L at dinner time

L fell asleep at dinner last night. The need for sleep finally hit her. I must have worn her out from Christmas shopping yesterday. Dave refers to L as being strung out on life...she just crashes after days of no naps.

The 10 minute power nap during dinner seemed to work for L. She was cranky after we got home from shopping. Once she had the nap, she was ready to go again…smiling during her bath.

Letting L cry it out last week worked (for the most part). The beginning of the week was hard because she put up a really good fight: kicking off her blanket, turning on her sides and back, banging on the rails of her crib and even grunting at me when I tried to adjust her. I’m told the banging is heredity, L’s Ong Noi loves that L is following in her father’s foot steps. By Thursday, she was sleeping 12 hours and on Saturday had taken a 2 hour nap mid-morning. Last night, L was back to her normal sleeping pattern of every three hours. We’ll continue to work on sleep…

6 Month Birthday

L on 11.30.08

L turned 6 months today...I can hardly believe it. I may need to stop at BabiesRUs after work and get her a 6 month birthday present.

We nearly missed her 6 month wellness appointment on Monday. I thought it was today, but when I arrived at work on Monday (late as usual) and checked my calendar I went into over drive. Some work had to be completed before the appointment and day care needed to be notified. When we arrived at the doctor's office it was already backed up. Reminder to not make an appointment the day after a holiday (especially after a long weekend).

L has not gained much weight since her last appointment. She weighed 17 pounds and 11 ounces and was 26.5 inches long. She's at 80% for her age group down from 90% at her last check up. At the appointment we discussed her weight, bowel movements, food/formula, medication, her development and lack of sleep (waking up every 3 hours).

Weight - we should start to see it her slow down in her weight gain…

Lyla's Thanks

We're back from our trip to was three days of visiting, giving thanks and remembrance. It was nice to see our families and have them get to know L. We take day trips to Maine and this was the first over night trip since L was born. She did amazingly well at bed time but naps were few and far between. L was showered with love and enjoyed every minute of it. As much as she loved all the attention she also need her own time and space.

Thanksgiving Day morning was spent at Ba Nguoi's (Nguyen) house and the after noon was at Ong and Ba Noi's (Hill) house. L just glowed when she saw Ba Nguoi. She smiled and smiled getting excited every time Ba Nguoi talked to her and helped her walk (she's not walking yet but loves to have her feet on the floor mimicking a walk). This was all on top of showing off how strong she is. L just knows what makes her grandparents happy.

At Ba and Ong Noi's house L got met her Aunt Shannon and bonded with everyone at the house (mostly …


11.12.08 ~ Dave in Puerto Rico

Dave is back from the Dominican Republic. He had a blast…how could I tell? I had to keep reminding him he had a sleeping child as he was telling me his adventures. The picture above is Dave with his friend’s family in Puerto Rico on his way to the Dominican Republic. Dave really enjoyed the beaches, the disco and the people.

Ba Noi came down and stayed with L for two days while Dave was away and I was attending a training course in Boston. Thank you, Ba Noi.

Ba Noi and L really bonded those two days. It was sweet to see them on the floor together or on the couch in L’s room reading a book. L now plays peek a boo something she first did with Ba Noi. What was even more wonderful was L didn’t cry when we went up to Maine that Saturday visiting with Ba and OngNoi, Ba Nguoi, her uncles, cousins and my friend Cheryl. I hope L’s stranger anxiety has truly passed.

Life at home is slowly returning to normal since Dave came home. L is beginning to sleep again. L rev…


Though we be separated by the whole wide world,
You are ever present in my mind. - Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)

I remember your favorite outfit - jeans and a sweater. I remember your favorite foods - mash potatoes and corn.I remember one of your favorite past times - watching movies.I remember your determined ways - setting Van straight.I remember your shyness around people and when I wasn't looking you blossomed.I remember...

Yumm Yumm Yumm

I'm amazed...the last two nights L slept for 12 hours straight. Our baby is growing so quickly. She talks non-stop now and this past week I put her in 12 month shirts. Did I mention she weighted 17.9 pounds at her last doctor's appointment (just last week)? Yes, it's true. I can't keep up with the sorting of her clothes so Dave continues to put her in clothes that do not fit. He loves to dress her in pink and tells me that pink is L's color. We'll need to transition L into a convertible car seat soon because her infant seat is getting small for her. The next two weeks are going to be crazy for us. I will be attending training in Boston next week and Dave is headed to the Dominican Republic for a little R&R. Ba Noi will be coming down to stay with us for a few days to help us out. Enjoy the video of L laughing at the me saying, "Yumm Yumm Yumm."

First Presidential Election

Dave and I rushed home from work so we could get to the polls. We never vote on an empty stomach…I should rephrase that, Dave never votes on an empty stomach. We all had dinner; L got a bath and was in her sleeper by 6:30pm.

L is talking a lot now. It was non-stop babbling until she fell asleep five minutes later and slept the whole time we were at our polling station.

Leaves Again

11.1.08 ~ L watching Dad as he picks up the leaves

It's that time again...raking leaves. This year we had helped. I came home from the grocery store today to find that our neighbor, Craig had blown our leaves in three piles. We have amazing neighbors. Everyone helps each other out.
We have: the neighbor who takes our trash bin up to the house for us (we still haven't figure out who)the neighbors who offer to watch L if we ever need itthe neighbor who widens the street when the town doesn't clear the snow very well the neighbor who picks up our fallen branches and takes them to the town recycling center
The list goes on. Today we picked up 20 full bags of leaves and we'll have another 30 bags before the first snow falls. The task didn't seem so bad this year...yes; one because Craig did a lot of the work and two, L was there watching over us. She sat in her stroller and just watched us until she fell asleep.

I Can Feed Myself

10.30.08 - L feeding herself

Yes, two posts in one's Halloween...strange things occur. I received this photo from daycare today and had share it. Our baby is getting strong and growing so quickly. When the daycare director mentioned to me this morning that L was holding her bottle I couldn't picture it (L is nursed when she's at home). Seeing this picture makes my heart melt...okay, everything about L makes my heart melt.

First Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone


L & Dad

L seems to be teething now. She wants to chomp down on anything she can get her hands on. It doesn’t matter what it is – her dad's hands, my face, a toy and her favorite, the burp clothe. She’ll stick anything in her mouth to the point where she’s gagging. I’m constantly telling her to be careful. What does she do?…she stops what she is doing, looks at me and just grins.

On top of the teething, I called L’s pediatrician yesterday to ask them questions about L’s cold and they told me to bring her in. Poor L has viral bronchiolitis…which is a long word for it's an infection we can’t do anything about, but to let it run its course.

Tissue Please

While Dave would be horrified to know I posted this photo of our beautiful baby. I had to share this moment because I laugh every time I think about. Of course, I'm snapping away and didn't realize I had taken a photo of L with bubbles coming out of her nose until I viewed all the photos last night. Poor L has another cold if I didn't mention it in an earlier posts.
Last night as I was viewing the photos from this weekend, I came across the photo above. I asked Dave to come and take a look. His response, "Poor Precious, it's so gross it makes me want to go blow my nose right now."
Did I also mention that L's got Dave wrapped around her finger?!? He's a goner when it comes to her.

All Cheeks

Yesterday I was tired, I fell asleep on the way home from daycare...did I tell you my house is five minutes away from daycare.

After my 30 minute power nap and Mommy changed my dirty clothes, I was on the move again. I wanted some tummy time. I had a lot of tummy time at daycare this week. It's making me very strong. I'm rolling over...I'll be able to reach Aidan soon. Aidan is one of my best class mate. He's a year older, but he likes to hang out with me. I make him laugh according to my teacher.
I went to bed early last night. I had a great night according to Mommy. I only woke up once last night. Mommy was very proud of me. I told you I was tired. Today, I wrote up with a bad cold...I was congested but it didn't seem to bother me too much. We had a busy day...I had to run errands with Mommy and Daddy. We got new tires and brakes on the VW....daddy wants us to be safe. Then I went to Target, Old Navy and Wholefoods with Mommy. After our shopping trip, I played whi…

Let's Eat

9.15.08 ~ I love to eat

L really loves to eat...she either wants to help me because I'm obviously not feeding her quick enough, playing with the her bib or trying to stick her fingers in her mouth. We're still on rice and carrots and may try the squash next. Whatever the next vegetable may be I know L will be wearing it.

Full Weekend

9.11.08 ~ L patiently waiting for Mom

Last weekend L and I headed north for Aliza's birthday party and this weekend we headed south for Minh's baby shower. L did much better today but still had some anxiety. We arrived and she wasn't very comfortable so I tried to feed her but that didn't last long because I had to put a blanket over her and she was not liking it. I got my first, "you'll need to cover yourself." I don't mind covering myself but I was shocked by the way it was asked (I'm very discreet) and I wouldn't have done it in the halfway if there was a private area for me to feed L. We went for a walk along the water...she enjoyed being outside. L started to become herself again. We headed back to the party where I found a corner and fed L. She fell asleep for about 20 minutes, woke up and didn't mind all the people.
On Saturday, we headed to Vows to try on some bridal dresses for Van. L did so well...she slept for the first half of m…

Orange Week

9.07.08 ~ L at daycare on orange day, bandanna provided by CrossRoads (photo taken by CrossRoads)

It's orange week in the toddler's room at CrossRoads this week. Tuesday was wear something orange day. While L is not a toddler she gets to participate (some what). I dressed her in orange on Tuesday but as always L goes through at least two changes of clothes each day so she's in green in the photo (except for the cute?!?). She either poops through her pants or drools through her bib. Dave can't believe how much clothes she goes through...every few days he is doing a load her of laundry.

4 Month Wellness

9.6.08 ~ L trying solids

L had her four month wellness appointment today. L weighed 16 pounds today and is 25 inches long. Sleep dominated the conversation as it usually does and the doctor didn't seem surprised with L's weight gain. L's pediatrician typically recommends solids at 6 months but thought it would be good in L's case due to her weight gain and the number of times L is getting up at night.
Tonight we tried rice cereal. L did not enjoy it...her expressions were priceless.

If your wondering, L had a melt down with the doctor. As soon as her pediatrician started talking to her she started to cry. It seems L has stranger anxiety.

Aliza's Party

10.05.08 ~ L asleep coming home

L and I went to Aliza's 5th birthday party today. The trip started out nice...L slept on the way up to Manchester. As I feared (with hope L was past this stage), L was calm for 10 minutes and then started crying and nothing would calm her. She had moments of calm watching Aliza and her friends play but it didn't last long. In the end, we just got right back in the car and headed home.

L seemed just fine the moment she was in her car seat and was happy and smiling once we got home. We're off to another party next week. I hope it gets better.

Happy Birthday Aliza.
10.5.08 ~Tummy time at home

Color Me Orange


To celebrate the first day of October I put L in an orange and white outfit. It's probably the only time that orange is in. L was not into photos this morning. All she wanted to do was watch tv. What amazes me is she's now in 6 to 9/12 month clothes...last week she weighted 15.10 pounds. L's doubled her weight at 3 months and 3 weeks.


Even though L's been sick lately, she still enjoys singing and talking. Enjoy the video taken on Saturday. It makes me smile every time I watch it.



Trying to find time to blog has been nearly impossible lately. Not just blogging, but time to organize (clean), write those over due thank you cards or even workout. Everything is about L now (I’m sure many of you moms are chuckling at my last statement).

We’ve had an interesting couple of weeks at the Hill home….L got her first cold, I received a call from daycare that she had head to toe hives and the worst is that she has now gone from a great sleeper to a sleeper that wakes up every hour or so. I thought the days of getting up that often were behind me. Yet again, motherhood is one surprise after the other.

When I got the call that L had hives, I called the doctor’s office and they told us to bring her in. Dave picked L up and I met him along the way to the doctor’s office. We had concerns of getting there as it was during rush hour and in my rush to get there I forgot her diaper bag. By the time we got there the hives had disappeared and I’m sure the doctor was thinking, ‘Fi…


Tonight I came home to this...


9.13.08 ~ L drooling and ready for a nap after watching tv

It's been busy around here. I'm still adjusting to work, L continues to change everyday and Dave, well he just goes with the flow (for the most part).
This past weekend L has become very aware of the tv. L and her dad watched the Patriots game on Sunday. L has slowed her dad down. It's hard to imagine that a baby would slow anyone down but in Dave's case he's learning to just "veg" on the couch.


9.10.08 ~ L before daycare (click to view in larger format)

It seems L is adjusting well to full time day care. All the infant toddlers adore her...when I dropped L off at daycare this morning it was, "bye Lala's mom" and tonight it was "bye bye Lala." How cute is that, if only you could seen the little ones saying it.
L is typically the first to arrive at day care, but lately I've been arriving later. I try to let L sleep for as long as possible the last three days (which makes me late for work) and I'm rewarded with a big smile. It's true...all the sleep deprived nights doesn't matter when you're rewarded with a big smile in the morning.

Always Changeing

L is three months old and 1 week. Things she is good at:

9.7.08 ~ L (our little Budda) & Dad chatting



Sitting Up