Hill Christmas Tree ~ Simply Delightful

While I love the holidays...the energy, excitement, wonderment and joy...I am happy to return to calmer period. Dave and I did not spend as much time in Maine as we had intended (p0or Dave came down with something) we enjoyed the time we had. It's been a busy week which started with a night spent at the "Garden" with the Celtics and then Maine for a few days.

Five Things Amazing Me:
  • The Webkinz Craze
  • The Baby Craze
  • Children's laughter throughout the house
  • How much I enjoy seeing the simple things
  • The noise factor between the Nguyens and Hills
We're starting to receive baby items and I so enjoy seeing things that I have never seen before. One of my favorite gifts this season is the Noonoo comfort blanket (thanks Aunt Shan, Phil, Sara and Jono). I look forward to see little fingers exploring the blanket...the touch, sight and love.


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