Happy Birthday Dad Hill *

Today is Dad Hill's birthday...I smile when I think about him. Dad Hill has many endearing traits. To me he embodies the true quiet strong man. He doesn’t judge you and he’s supportive in his own way (Dave is a lot like him in this way).
The one moment that stands out in my mind since I’ve know Dad Hill is right after college when Dave was packing his things, for his move to Connecticut, for his first job. I remember Dad Hill standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up towards Dave’s bedroom. He was so proud, but I could tell that he didn’t want to let go. There was love in his eyes and I will never forget that moment.

Mom and Dad Hill have always been support of Dave and me. They don’t tell us what we are doing wrong but allow us to live our lives. I had been feeling down all week prior to Hoang’s birthday. The night before Hoang’s birthday, I came home to a bouquet of flowers from Mom and Dad Hill. They incorporated a little of me and of Hoang in it. It was nice to know that they were thinking about me. This is just one of the many things they do to support us in their own way. I love that Dad Hill has a passion for his dogs and I think he must be the only man on this planet who thinks that the best thing about a dog is his silver. He wants to adopt every stray that comes to his door. He is a special man. Happy Birthday Dad!


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