I received a call from Van yesterday. She was a little emotional (she may not be happy I am writing about it :)). Her call brought to mind the question I often ask can we as SISTERS be so different in many ways and yet have that connection?

I've always been the supportive one who had to take care of my younger sisters. Van, being the middle child, has always been the emotional one. In one moment the sun is shinning and her world was wonderful and in an instant it's raining and everyone around her will hear it. The good thing is that she never holds a grudge (by gones). Hoang, the youngest, was the quiet and loving one...she didn't judge you. Van and Hoang were on opposite ends of the extremes and I tended to be in the middle.

Is our order of birth what makes us act the way we do (nature) or is it our environment (nurture)? It could be a combination of both but the nature aspect seems too gray to me. I tend to think its nurture that defines our roles as sisters. Being the oldest sister you have to fight a little harder for what you want. You're expected to take care of the younger siblings. The younger sisters have more handed to them. Perhaps this is what makes them more emotion and at times less motivated. It takes them a little longer to figure out what they want but once they figure it out they are quite determined.

In the end our birth order doesn't matter. Sisters are there for each other. They understand each other when no one else does, they can say anything to each other and the most important is there's sisterly love...we have our own certain bond.

Today is Thanh's birthday....I have yet to ponder about brothers. They're in the class of their own...aliens. Happy Birthday Thanh!


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