There's nothing like your hometown business. I have to give "kudos" to Morris Insurance, Mom Nguyen, a.ka. Ba Noi's home owner's insurance company. Last week I went to pay her premium and found that it had increase by more than 30%. I called Morris Insurance on Columbus Day and left a message. The next day I received a call from Paula telling me that they would take a look into the account and would get back to me the next day.

Paula called me the next day and had found Ba Noi a new company with a drop in her premium (even lower than her previous agency) and she was getting more coverage. It nice to know that I can call the smaller company and get wonderful customer service. There's no pushing a thousand buttons before you can talk to a live person or there's no rehearsed message.

It's quite annoying waiting on the phone line for 10 minutes before you can talk to customer service of those big companies. When you ask a question there's no quick response...the service rep. is trying to find the correct answer in their computer.

I can't remember a bad experience when I've call the local town hall, bank or insurance company with questions. Nothing beats local hometown service where everyone knows your name or face.


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