TV Sitcoms...Our Moments

There are some great TV sitcom moments we can relate to in our lives. Some of these moments help you laugh because if they were not there you would only get mad or frustrated with your situation. Seinfeld and Friends have some great episodes that Dave and I laugh about all the time because we can relate to them. We have the running joke from a Seinfeld episode with the one liner..."no food for you." Those who know Dave will laugh because they know how he hates to share his food. If I ask for a bit he says, "no food for you".

About 5 years ago when Dave and I were moving into our apartment on Nicholas Road, we moved all the furniture ourselves. The funniest moment (not so funny at first) was when we were trying to get our new sofa up the stairs to the apartment (it was too big to fit in the elevator). Dave was leading the way and had it all planned out in his head...much like Ross did in the Friends Pivot episode. He was leading the way and telling me when to turn and pivot the sofa. I was not a happy camper because it was so heavy and hard to maneuver. The Pivot episode came to me and I started laughing and couldn't stop. I told Dave about it and we still joke about us trying to get the sofa up to the apartment. I can't remember how we managed it, but I still laugh when I think about it.

This also brings to mind another Friends episode where Monica and Chandler need to get an engagement photo for the newspaper. This reminds me of Tuan....Tuan takes "horrible" photos. When I was talking to Van about photos for her invitations I thought about this episode. Tuan makes the same "funny" faces.


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