I woke up this morning thinking about Brandi. Brandi was my little sister from Big Brother, Big Sisters. Brandi was a shy 9 year old girl when I first met her and as our relationship progressed she began to open up and she even started making friends.

I thought about Brandi this morning because at this time last year, we were carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkins seeds and in a month and half we would be putting up a Christmas tree. It was nice to have a young person in our home. Brandi brought youth in our lives...our weekends weren't so structured and our home was filled with unusual noise. Our home was filled with the noise of a little person.

On our first get together, I asked Brandi what she loved to do and what she wanted to do with our time. She told me she loved to do crafts, go swimming, wanted to go to a Red Sox or Patriots game, go to a concert and go horse back riding. I said, "wow, that is a nice list." For a shy young girl she wanted a lot. We didn't always do what she wanted and I found that she needed someone to push her out of her comfort zone.

Brandi and I did a few of the things on her list. We went swimming as often as possible. Dave and I took her swimming at Cochicuate State Park and to Dung's house several time. She learned to ride a bike in my neighborhood and at my company picnic, Brandi finally got to ride a horse.

Brandi is a bright young girl who just needed to be pushed a little. One Sunday, I picked her up and her grandmother thought it would be nice for her to learn to ride a bike. She didn't want to put the bike into the trunk of my car. We had to tell her that we'll just bring it along encase she decided she wanted to learn how to ride. We got to my house (which is in a quiet little neighborhood) and I said, "let just try it. I'll hold on to the bike the whole time." We try a couple of time and finally Brandi was able to ride by herself. She was still unsteady and tended to veer towards to the cars parked in the side of the street, but she always managed to pull the bike the other way. When I picked her up the following week she was zipping back and forth on her bike. She learned very quickly.

Last August, Dave and I brought Brandi to my company picnic at a farm. There were several different companies having functions the same day. Each company had a different color wrist band. One of the other companies was hosting horse back riding for their employees' children. Dave went up the the lady host the rides and asked if Brandi could ride. The lady asked Dave if he was with this other company and he lied and said, "yes." I had to walk away at this point because I knew that it wasn't true. I could hear the lady ask Dave why he had a different color wrist band. I can't remember what Dave had said, but the lady finally allowed Brandi ride the horse. The lady knew the truth but she was being kind.

It was nice having Brandi around on weekends. At times I miss her, but in the end our relationship had come to a cross road. Her mother had come back into life and I think she was feeling torn between having free time encase her mother wanted to do something and coming to visit Dave and I. She was struggling and I knew she was, so I made the choice for her. Perhaps our path will cross again some day.


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