We End In Joy

Dave's Uncle Gaut passed away last Friday and we'll be headed to Augusta for the funeral tomorrow. Gaut's death made me think about a card I received shortly after Hoang's death. The front cover had the line...We end in joy.

There were many emotions that I was experiencing at the time that I don't think it could be explained simply, but yet those four words had a huge impact on me that night. I had thought only of my grief and those words made me think about something other than the sadness. It made me think...Hoang was in a better place and Gaut is now in a better place.

Theodore Roethke

We passed the ice of pain
And came to a dark ravine,
And there we sang with the sea:
The wide, the bleak abyss
Shifted with our slow kiss.
Space struggled with time;
The gong of midnight struck
The naked absolute.
Sound, silence sang as one.
All flowed: without, within;
Body met body, we
Created what's to be.
What else to say?
We end in joy.


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