Tel Aviv and Jaffa is so rich in culture that you breath it while you're there. I have only been in Israel for two days (one day in the office), the experience has been amazing. The city speaks for it self. I spent the first day walking from my hotel in Tel Aviv to Jaffa. Not a lot is open on a Saturday because it's their sabbath but there is so much to see. The photo below is a view from Jaffa into Tel Aviv (the area I was staying in).

The next photo is in Jaffa. The area is very safe. You would not think that 50 km from where I am there are people at war. It's 1:30 am right now and outside my room, the music is still going on. All along the beach, lanterns are set up and the people are dancing. It's amazing to be part of a culture that can sing and dance the night away and then go to work where you see military girls and boys who look no older than my 15 and 18 year old nephew and niece, carrying guns's a sight to see.


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