Sweet New Year

Rosh Hashanah...being in Tel Aviv and being able to share the Jewish New Year was an amazing experience. I watched my host open his home to us, sharing his heritage and traditions.

Gidi, our host, spoke with pride as he describe to us some of the Rosh Hashanah customs.

  • apples dipped in honey symbolizes the wish for a sweet new year
  • fish head means "head of the year" symbolizes head of the new year
  • round bread symbolizes the cycle of the year
  • pomegranates and dates symbolizes fruit of the earth

There are so many cultures that we have yet to experience and understand but one theme that is prevalent throughout all cultures is "family". Gidi was celebrating the New Year, but he was also celebrating his family. I could feel the closeness and the love throughout the night. As we sat outside around the table, I found myself comparing each of Gidi's family members to my own. There was the grandmother serving desert, the head of house hold and the children.

I thought about all the Rosh Hashanah symbolism but the one I think most about is the pomegranate (new fruit). I hold this symbol close to my heart because I believe we all need to live life and enjoy it. We are all the fruit of the earth and we need to live to enjoy it.


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