Our Third Anniversary

It's been an amazing three years - today is our anniversary. Dave and I have grown even closer then before our wedding day. Marriage is probably best described as fine wine...it gets better with time.

There are so many sweet and fond memories from our wedding day that only Dave and I share. Some things can not be captured by the camera: no one could hear Dave whisper in my ear, after I had met him at the end of the alter, asking me to help him through this. He was so nervous. The first time I saw him I started to choke up. It was an amazing feeling seeing him at the alter waiting for me. The second time was when we were exchanging vows. Only Steve, his best man and brother, saw that one (he mentioned it after).
Very few people knew that during the reception we took a break from the party and went for a walk. It was peaceful and it was just the two of us. Life comes with surprises and gifts and Dave is my gift. He shares my dreams, hopes and happiness. What I love most is the trust that we have in one another.

Today we are celebrating us...our friendship and our love. We are celebrating the moments that mean the most to us. We are celebrating feelings that only we share.

Happy Anniversary Honey...I LOVE YOU. There's not a single moment in the day that is not filled with you. You're in my heart, soul and being. You been there for me through tough the times and the laughter. I appreciate that you only smile (and say nothing) when you see me tear up when I am watching something sappy. Your support comes with no strings attached or judgement . You make me happy everyday.


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