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Everything's Turning Up Rosy

After 2 1/2 years Dave and I are finally adding color to the inside of our house. It started with our bedroom (a green). This weekend it was a rosy productive weekend. The weekend started with a run to Lowe's to pick up the paint (Friday night). I thought I had a color already picked out but once I got there I changed my mind and had to choose another color. So the room went from a coral color to a deep pink color (Valspar Rosy Sandstone, 2001-7C). It all worked out well, I think it's the perfect color for the upstairs room. I'm not sure how Dave truly feels about the color, whether he likes the color or just being the perfect husband and telling me what I want to hear...."it's nice color."

Of course, it didn't stop with just the paint color, but I had to buy new bedroom furniture and a rug for living room. Dave's words, "Thuy coerced me into buying a new bedroom set"...which is far from the truth. When I woke up Saturday morning and asked if…

Congratulations Van & Tuan

It's official - Van & Tuan are now engaged! He's the perfect person for my sister. They balance each other out.

This reminds of a conversation Van and I had. Van knew that Tuan was the one for her and we were taking about when they would get engaged. I said to her, "make sure you don't get married when I'm pregnant so I can be in your wedding or after I have my child so he or she can be in the wedding."

Congratulations Van & Tuan. Here's to a beautiful life together.

We End In Joy

Dave's Uncle Gaut passed away last Friday and we'll be headed to Augusta for the funeral tomorrow. Gaut's death made me think about a card I received shortly after Hoang's death. The front cover had the line...We end in joy.

There were many emotions that I was experiencing at the time that I don't think it could be explained simply, but yet those four words had a huge impact on me that night. I had thought only of my grief and those words made me think about something other than the sadness. It made me think...Hoang was in a better place and Gaut is now in a better place.

Theodore Roethke

We passed the ice of pain
And came to a dark ravine,
And there we sang with the sea:
The wide, the bleak abyss
Shifted with our slow kiss.
Space struggled with time;
The gong of midnight struck
The naked absolute.
Sound, silence sang as one.
All flowed: without, within;
Body met body, we
Created what's to be.
What else to say?
We end in joy.


Fall, my favorite time of the year…to get the true feeling you need to be in New England.

Some of my Fall favorites:
The crisp morning airSnuggling under the heavy blanket and feeling the cold air on your faceLazy Sundays - lounging on the couch with hot coffee while Dave is reading the paperFall colors – the reds, oranges and yellowsComfort food – chili that been cooking for 4 hours, a brined roast that is slowly cooking, baking cookiesThe smell of cinnamon and vanillaPulling out the sweatersThe passionate fans of Patriots NationShopping - the texture and colors of fall clothing, not having to fight for a parking spot, not having to squeeze by another person down a narrow aisle or waiting in a long checkout line on a Sunday afternoon because everyone is at home watching “the game”

Belated Birthday!

It was my niece and god-daughter's birthday on Monday and I forgot all about it. Prior to it, I kept reminding myself to call her, but when the day came it slipped my mind. It amazes me how quickly she has grown up. I can still remember her in diapers working out with me to "TAE BO". She is a very happy child, always smiling and laughing. Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Today is Billy's 19th Birthday. Happy Birthday Billy!

Happy Retirement Mom (Sally)*

As a retirement present for Mom Hill, we had a family photo session. Here are a few photos taken at Parson's Beach in Kennebunk by photographer Ellen Dooley.


Since returning from London, the song I keep playing is Breakdown by Jack Johnson. It just fits my mood and enters my thoughts. While being in London I didn't need to rush, I went sight seeing at the speed that I wanted. I wasn't rushed as we are in our daily life. At home there are a million and one things to do. My wish for everyone is to take the time to get away from the daily grind and see the world whether it's from our backyard or a view from a hotel balcony.

I hope this old train breaks down
So I can take a walk around and
See there’s no time you see 'cause
Time is just a melody
But the people in the streets
Walkin’ fast as their feet can take ‘em
I just rode through town
And though this window’s got a view
But the frame I’m lookin’ through
Seems to have no concern for now so for now
~Breakdown by Jack Johnson

view from Crown Plaza in Tel Aviv


While I only had two days in London to see the city, I was able to see some amazing sites. In my short visit I was able to visit Covent Gardens Market (Boston's Quincy Market times ten), Buckingham Palace, The National Gallery, Nelson's Column, Westminster Abbey, Greene Park, St. James Garden, China Town and the Theatre District. The National Gallery and Westminster Abbey are two of my favorites sites because they both had an affect on me.

The National Gallery - It was awe inspiring to be so close the most famous paintings in the world. Nothing can compare to seeing the real thing up close...being able to see The Umbrella by Renoir, SunFlower by Van Gogh and Bathiers at Asnieresby Seurat. I feel in love with artist Edouard Vuillard.

Westminster Abbey - The detail in Westminster was amazing. See the light shine through the stain glass detail makes me want to tier down a wall in install stain glass in our house. The moment that touched me deeply was being able to light a candle in…

Sweet New Year

RoshHashanah...being in Tel Aviv and being able to share the Jewish New Year was an amazing experience. I watched my host open his home to us, sharing his heritage and traditions.
Gidi, our host, spoke with pride as he describe to us some of the RoshHashanah customs.
apples dipped in honey symbolizes the wish for a sweet new yearfish head means "head of the year" symbolizes head of the new yearround bread symbolizes the cycle of the yearpomegranates and dates symbolizes fruit of the earthThere are so many cultures that we have yet to experience and understand but one theme that is prevalent throughout all cultures is "family". Gidi was celebrating the New Year, but he was also celebrating his family. I could feel the closeness and the love throughout the night. As we sat outside around the table, I found myself comparing each of Gidi's family members to my own. There was the grandmother serving desert, the head of house hold and the children.I thought about all …

Our Third Anniversary

It's been an amazing three years - today is our anniversary. Dave and I have grown even closer then before our wedding day. Marriage is probably best described as fine gets better with time.

There are so many sweet and fond memories from our wedding day that only Dave and I share. Some things can not be captured by the camera: no one could hear Dave whisper in my ear, after I had met him at the end of the alter, asking me to help him through this. He was so nervous. The first time I saw him I started to choke up. It was an amazing feeling seeing him at the alter waiting for me. The second time was when we were exchanging vows. Only Steve, his best man and brother, saw that one (he mentioned it after).
Very few people knew that during the reception we took a break from the party and went for a walk. It was peaceful and it was just the two of us. Life comes with surprises and gifts and Dave is my gift. He shares my dreams, hopes and happiness. What I love most is the trust t…


Tel Aviv and Jaffa is so rich in culture that you breath it while you're there. I have only been in Israel for two days (one day in the office), the experience has been amazing. The city speaks for it self. I spent the first day walking from my hotel in Tel Aviv to Jaffa. Not a lot is open on a Saturday because it's their sabbath but there is so much to see. The photo below is a view from Jaffa into Tel Aviv (the area I was staying in).

The next photo is in Jaffa. The area is very safe. You would not think that 50 km from where I am there are people at war. It's 1:30 am right now and outside my room, the music is still going on. All along the beach, lanterns are set up and the people are dancing. It's amazing to be part of a culture that can sing and dance the night away and then go to work where you see military girls and boys who look no older than my 15 and 18 year old nephew and niece, carrying guns's a sight to see.

School Starts

School started for most children this week. There are a lot talk and photo sharing of the children's first day of school. Here are a few first day comments and photos.

Peter (Voung) Nguyen, 2nd Year at UMaine Orono -
tnguyenhill: hey
nguyen17: how are things?
tnguyenhill: good, how about you?
tnguyenhill: school?
nguyen17: its good
nguyen17: i enjoy it
tnguyenhill: track?
nguyen17: yeah, its going pretty well
nguyen17: i'm competing in a couple weeks
nguyen17: i cant wait
nguyen17: umass amherst

Julie (Loan) Nguyen, 1st Year at Husson - "I know..Dylan must miss me. He started school today....I bet you he was excited. I had some classes this morning and they were pretty boring, but around 4 I have psychology which is a 2 1/2 hr long class. It stinks! haha. well I guess i'll talk to you later."

John (Duy) Nguyen - "we dont have doubles this year but each practice and tryouts was 3 hours long. we had our first game on friday and we lost 5 to 0"

First Day Photo…


Lately, I've been thinking about Hoang quite a bit. Whether it's the changing of the season, the start of the school year or just plain nostalgia, I'm unsure. I was going my photos awhile back and came across this photo of her. This was Hoang…the look, the pose, it's “all her”.

It starts in my toes
and I crinkle my nose
where ever it goes i always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
where ever you go

Did Hoang know that "Bubbly" by Caillat Bubbly would be such a hit, three months after her death? The song is on her MySpace page and will forever be in my memory as Hoang’s song. Its chorus is “all her.” She always made me smile and I do want her to stay with me forever.

Eat Up

Every time I go away for more than a couple of days, I try to stock the refrigerator or freezer with food for Dave. I leave for Tel Aviv in four day and so I spent the day stocking up the freezer with 12 meals.

On the menu:
Chicken Kabob with roasted potatoesInvoltini of Beef - Giada De Laurentiis ( ManicottiRice BakeStuffed Pork Chops - Sara Moulton (

Quin's Hero

As I mentioned in my previous post, we went to Maine yesterday to finally get the Hill family photo taken. The day was perfect and after the photos were completed, the family went out to dinner. Quin drove with us to the Longhorn and he talked the whole time we were together. Even though we don't see Quin often, he and Dave have a bond that is unbreakable. In the car, Quin said, "Uncles have magical power" and as we were leaving the restaurant for home, Quin yelled across the room, "bye Uncle Dave, love you". Those simple words were unexpected and very heartwarming.