"I'm The Prettiest"

I spent half a day in Maine on Monday (8.20.07) and had one of the most enjoyable afternoons this summer. I gave Dylan a hair cut (he says the next time, he wants it cut in the same spot we were in), played Go Fish with Dylan, Molly and Sabrina, watched the children have a tea party, watched Dylan pick up the camera and take photos like a pro.

It’s amazing how quickly Dylan picked up on how to use my camera. His little fingers barely wrapped around the camera but he managed to take beautiful photos zooming, framing and preview the photos. He knew which ones he liked and which ones he wanted to delete.

Molly, the princess would do anything as long as you told her that she was the prettiest. I asked her to take a bath with Dylan after Dylan’s hair cut and she didn’t want to.

Thuy : “If you take a bath, you’ll be the prettiest.”
Molly: “Prettier than Dylan and Sabrina?”
Thuy: “Yes, the prettiest”
Molly“Dylan and Sabrina are the ugly? I’m the prettiest, Dylan and Sabrina are ugly”

The afternoon went on with Molly saying she was prettier than Dylan and Molly. By telling Molly she was the prettiest I was able to get her in the outfit I wanted her in and to pull her hair up. She kept saying, “I’m the prettiest, Dylan and Sabrina are ugly”. We played Go Fish and she came in second. Afterward she said, “Second place is the prettiest”. I asked her who that was and she said, “Me”.

These photos are take by Dylan Nguyen, age 5.


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