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Hill Photo

As a gift for Dave's mother's retirement present, Dave and I are getting the family together for a family photo. This was planned for the May/June time frame, but was delayed. We're now taking the photo on Saturday, September 1st. I found this dress at Gymboree and knew this would be perfect for Aliza. She's going to look adorable in it. Shopping for children's clothes brings to mind the phrase, "maternal instinct" and the thought of our current prepping stage before we start trying for our own baby.

Ba Noi

The first official photo of Ba Noi and her 18 grandchildren. Coordinating the group photo was frustrating at times, but it turned into a beautiful moment.

"I'm The Prettiest"

I spent half a day in Maine on Monday (8.20.07) and had one of the most enjoyable afternoons this summer. I gave Dylan a hair cut (he says the next time, he wants it cut in the same spot we were in), played Go Fish with Dylan, Molly and Sabrina, watched the children have a tea party, watched Dylan pick up the camera and take photos like a pro.

It’s amazing how quickly Dylan picked up on how to use my camera. His little fingers barely wrapped around the camera but he managed to take beautiful photos zooming, framing and preview the photos. He knew which ones he liked and which ones he wanted to delete.

Molly, the princess would do anything as long as you told her that she was the prettiest. I asked her to take a bath with Dylan after Dylan’s hair cut and she didn’t want to.

Thuy : “If you take a bath, you’ll be the prettiest.”
Molly: “Prettier than Dylan and Sabrina?”
Thuy: “Yes, the prettiest”
Molly“Dylan and Sabrina are the ugly? I’m the prettiest, Dylan and Sabrina are ugly”

The afternoon …

Duck Tours

We had a great time on our Boston day trip, the Boston Duck Tour crew (from left to right - Andrew, Tuan, Kate, Van, Julie and Billy). It was the last trip before Loan, Kate and Billy went off to college - the excitement of starting a new adventure in their life was in the air. Friday (8.10.07) was a cloudy rainy day, but we still had a blast filled with many laughs and memories. The biggest joke around was, of course, Van's overspending habits. It's like a disease for her and everyone capitalized on the jokes that seemed to be in abundance.

You had to feel bad for the Duck Tour merchandise seller who circled the benches full of eager travelers over and over again blowing on the “quacking” noise maker. He gave us all a good laugh.

Lost Tooth

Dylan lost his first tooth on Sunday (August 12). He held the tooth for a while and then put it under his pillow waiting for the Tooth Fairy. He's so precious. Of course, Ngoc and Phoung needed to be told to put money under his pillow.

Congratulations Lexi & Josh

Congratulations Lexi and Josh. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride gorgeous, the groom hansom and the evening magical. Josh looked happier than I've ever seen him. The ceremony at the Philips Essex Library with the reception at the Essex Museum was the perfect setting.

While Josh and I have not spoken in two years, it didn't matter. It seems that there was no lapse in our friendship and I think that's what makes our relationship special.

Debbie Gibson Called

My best friend, Josh, from high school is getting married this weekend. Yesterday, I still didn't know what I would wear to the wedding. I ran out to Marshall's during lunch in search of dress. I found the dress that I tried on at the Jessica McClintock store a few weeks ago. Of course, I'm thinking "SCORE" because it's a fraction of the costs. Van and I spoke yesterday afternoon and I told her about the dress and she wanted me to send her a photo. At 10:30 last night after my shower, I remembered I still needed to get a photo of me in the dress to send her. I also needed her option.

I grab the dress from the closet and tried it on but needed Dave to zip it up (Dave had been in bed for an hour). He's mumbling some things under his breath about torture that I just ignore. With the dress zipped I asked him what he thought and he says, "Debbie Gibson wants her dress back" then he proceeds to sing,
"I think were alone now
There doesn't seem to…