Thursday, February 16, 2017


43/365 ~ Soccer lesson

L's last soccer lesson.  She loved jumping up on the stand with both legs and kicking the fall.  For most people it would be a workout, but for L it was fun.


14February2017 ~ Valentine's Day

Lexiloo had to wear her heart dress.  It was all drama until we could find her dress.  The drama of fussy with the outfit she had to put on so we could go.  The kinda of drama that requires throwing yourself on the floor and whining.  L finally found it in the dryer.

"I want to see the bow." 


13February2017 ~ Another snow day

I had to work and took some time shovel the drive way, but not enough time to take the girls sledding.  They went sledding the yard with a very tiny slope.

 Another snow day means more food...french toast for breakfast.

Lexiloo wanted to build a snowman.  L did not, but had to help her. 


12February2017 ~ Another day of snow

It snowed and snowed, but L still had her swim meet.

L is center between the two red caps.

Then there's Lexiloo.  I'm not sure what we'll do with her.   She's a wall drawer.   No matter how much trouble she gets, she still does it.


11February2017 ~ Lexiloo is into writing. These are the things on her mind.  

The girls went to Walmart today to use their Christmas gift cards. L picked a stuffed animal and lots of candy.  Lexiloo picked the movie, Trolls and EOS lip balm.  

L is not to wise with her money.  However, we got her to save her Valentines money.  The idea is save her money gift half of the time and spend the other half.


10January2017~ back to school after a snow day.


09February2017 ~ snow day

Snow day means valentine making, food eating and lots of t.v. watching time.  Too much food eating...chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes, homemade pizza and fried chicken. It was like I never left the kitchen.

It was around this time last year, the girls were making their valentine cards for their friends.  Lexi gave her class cars and L make pom pom animals...spiders, frogs, bugs.

Making pizza

L helping Lexi with her cars.